Our mission is to Make a difference to the Customers business, through our experience in our field

Our Services

Mechanical Engineering

With a broad spectra of knowledge within different areas, Swadara is a reliable partner within product development. We have gathered a team of product development specialists that will provide sustainable solutions to your business.

We also have the possibility to provide turn-key solutions from our project office in Huskvarna in Sweden.

Production Engineering

Today’s modern industry requires a skillset of IoT, Industrial IT and modern equipment. Whether it is more traditional knowledge, such as balancing, time studies and OEE or cutting edge IoT your business requires, Swadara is your reliable partner.

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Project Management

Our team of management experts will help You develop your business and organization. Our consultants have gathered knowledge and experience in many industries which will give You new insights and solutions to complex problems.

Our strongest area is project management & methodology. To set up govern system, lead and accomplish projects is one of our greatest strengths.

All of our management consultants has long experience as managers in different positions, we will help You with todays and tomorrows challenges.

IT Solutions

The IT landscape is changing very fast. Let us help you anticipate the important choices you need to make today to reach your IT goals tomorrow. We help you produce a customized IT map and take you on the project towards your goals. If you already have an IT plan and direction, we are there when you face challenges that need an extra experienced and helping hand to not lose momentum. If you have a large technical IT debt in your luggage that holds you back or makes you lose speed, we are happy to accept the challenge of relieving you.

Our growing IT team has a strong will to contribute, and we are happy to take on challenges.

Surface Engineering

Today's design and product development place high demands in the designer's knowledge in advanced CAD. The right quality within a certain time is very important for an efficient process.
At Swadara we have a very competent team in surface design, with long experience of helping customers in both automotive and product design with their challenges.

Our goal is to push ourselves to add value in every project. We look forward to work with you.