Production Engineer

Swadara is a global consultancy group with high ambitions. We are located in Sweden (Jönköping & Skövde) and in the U.S. Charlotte NC & Detroit MI) We offer consultancy services mainly within Project Management, Mechanical Engineering and Software Development. As we also see a strong demand for production engineering we need to strengthen our team within this area. We are mainly looking for experienced production engineers. Swadara’s value proposition to our customers; top talent that is motivated to make a difference and we want you to be a part of this. With Swadara being expanding in North America we for the right person offer opportunities to working in the States.

About you

You have a Bachelor degree or similar in industrial or production Engineering. You have a genuine interest in production improvements and automation, are social, driving, curious and have a sense for details. Other qualities we value highly are dedication, quality-consciousness and prestigelessness. The fact that you are self-propelling and take responsibility for your work are qualities both we and our customers appreciate. Since we are very concerned to make a difference for the customer, we see that you have experience in, and a passion for, production development. You are used to work in projects and can handle a project oriented way of working, with awareness of and participation in planning and activities. You are socially skilled and experienced in working cross-functional.


You have a solid experience in production development. You have knowledge in some of the following areas:


  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics
  • Different manufacturing methods
  • Improvements methods and measure systems such as OEE and/or TAK
  • Fundamental product cost calculation
  • Driver’s license B (car)
  • Swedish and English language

Your working area will be in “Skaraborg region” or Jönköping region

Since Swadara is a small company there are great possibilities to influence the future development of, both your and the company’s. The decision paths are short and we have a great room for new ideas. We are a cheerful team enjoying good times together, both at work and after.

We are looking forward to hear from you!

Contact Information

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